1. amykinz97:

    List of things straight guys have ruined:
    》lesbian porn
    》my little pony


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  2. tooquirkytolose:


    Made this in an exercise of ‘Actually start something and then finish it, God dammit’.

    reblogging for the 15 people who followed me based solely on this

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  3. It’s finally over. We can rest.

  5. bluekomadori:

    It would be really awesome if Greninja’s surf took shape of other pokemon

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  6. thecrowmaster:

    This is some of the most beautiful stuff I’ve ever seen.

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  7. "When you’re listening to their music, you feel like you’ve been enlightened. Somewhere outside of the ether that we exist in is a multitude of realms of possibility and alternate directions. I think they just went in those libraries and just dusted off those things." - Pharrell Williams

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  9. quarkmaster:

    Hell and Earth


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  10. themagicmissile:

    Art by Choi Won Chun, aka Doo

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  11. spassundspiele:

    Ash King - fantasy art by Eve Ventrue

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  13. cyrail:


    Red Riding Hood got her revenge by TatarskiSkandal

    Cyrail: Inspiring artworks that make your day better

    Got an artwork or an artist you like? Submit it!

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  14. My entire life has led up to this moment. I can finally rest peacefully.


  15. its starting